Value Chain

Aire interior is an integrated engineering firm specialised in indoor air treatment in buildings. Our services improve people’s health and wellbeing in our offices, hotels, restaurants, industries and homes, optimising the quality of indoor areas in a sustainable way and complying with all applicable regulations. Our objective is to provide high added value indoor air quality solutions, to guarantee a healthy atmosphere for our workers. To do this we have a highly quality, committed, flexible, customer-centric workforce.

Carrier has been a global leader in the heating, air conditioning, cooling and air treatment sectors since the invention of the modern Willis Carrier air conditioner in 1902.

Harnessing more than 100 years of experience creating optimal indoor areas and associating this with academic research and global experts, we use our experience to lead the way to a healthier future for all buildings. We base our activities on our history of innovation to develop new products and services to make buildings healthier, safer and more productive with solutions that improve ventilation and comfort and enhance air quality. We do research into these solutions in innovation centres around the world.

CIT UPC, el Centro Tecnológico de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro, que pone la capacidad de investigación universitaria al servicio de la innovación en las empresas a partir del conocimiento y los resultados de los centros de investigación y transferencia de tecnología de la UPC.

Capitalización de la investigación

CIT UPC, con el mandato de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, tiene el objetivo de difundir el conocimiento de la investigación de la Universidad, incluyendo la recaudación de fondos dentro del sector privado y público. CIT UPC trabaja con los grupos y centros de investigación para identificar socios y recursos para sus proyectos. También los apoya en la promoción y difusión de los resultados de su trabajo.

Transferencia de Tecnología

Ofrecemos a las empresas soluciones tecnológicas integrales y un apoyo multidisciplinar y transversal.

Cooperación con los Centros y Grupos de investigación de la UPC y su coordinación interna para la realización de acciones de investigación y transferencia de resultados de I + D en las Empresas.

Danfoss was the true inventor of the radiator thermostat and the automatic differential pressure controller. We have been serving the needs of the heating industry for almost 80 years and lead the market in automatic heating control technology.

Danfoss Heating, a division of Danfoss, designs the technologies that will enable tomorrow’s world to do more with less. We satisfy the growing need for infrastructure, food supply, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions. Our products and services are used in areas such as air conditioning, smart home heating and building optimisation.

We are also active in the field of renewable energy, and district heating infrastructures for cities and urban communities.

We are “Engineering Tomorrow”, an engineering company of tomorrow with cutting-edge technologies and products.

We offer high-tech textile air flow solutions that generate excellent added value and are superior to all standard solutions.

We aim to make this technology accessible around the world, committed to continuous innovation and matchless customer services, which makes it easy for our customers to do business with us.

Do it better and make it easier.

So, after 50 years of experience, we are still working to improve air quality and obtain healthier buildings.

Frigicoll is committed to people’s health and well-being and to improving the quality of the air around us. With innovative products and using the latest technological developments, we satisfy consumers’ need to breathe clean, healthy air. We earn their trust, and with proximity and excellence, we offer integral air conditioning and air treatment solutions. We do this with Midea, the world’s top-selling air treatment device brand*, and with Clivet, an expert in coolers, heat pumps, rooftops, air treatment and systems for the residential sector.

Do you worry about your health and wellbeing?

Do you read labels to check the ingredients and origin of what you are eating? You are what you eat, and also what you breathe.

Your lungs take in 15,000 litres of air every day, and you spend more than 80% of your time inside buildings. But how do you know that the air you are breathing inside them is healthy?

InBiot designs and develops integrated systems for continuous measurement of indoor air quality. Our systems are designed with IoT architecture and our data platform enables us to analyse parameters that define air quality, inform users, manage alerts, and control ventilation, filtering and purification systems in real time.

Schneider Electric sees access to energy and digital technology as a basic human right. We enable people to do more with less and to keeping life moving, everywhere, for everyone, all the time.

We supply digital energy and automation solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services into integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure and industry.

We are committed to tapping the infinite possibilities of an open, global, and innovative community that is passionate about our purpose and our values of inclusion and empowerment.

At Sodeca, we are experts in airflow and transportation. Our mission to improve indoor air quality has inspired us to integrate filtration and cleaning equipment into our solutions using the latest germicidal technology with UVc radiation, allowing people to breathe clean air for better health.

Tubsnet Fire specialises in industrial cleaning, maintenance, and safety.

Every day we breathe 14 kg of air, and the air we breathe inside buildings is far more polluted than the air outside.

The most common biological pollutants (mites, bacteria, viruses…) and chemical contaminants (tobacco, carbon monoxide…) are responsible for allergies and for irritating the respiratory system and can cause serious diseases.

When it comes to indoor air treatment, regular cleaning, disinfection and decontamination of surfaces, ventilation systems and air handling units (HVAC) are indispensable to eliminate pathogens.

We work to keep the biological contamination threshold as low as possible in order to keep people healthy in all sectors: health, pharmaceutical industry, industry, agro-food industry, hotel industry, agro-food industry, tertiary groups…

We have highly qualified and experienced staff to do this.

Our teams clean and disinfect day and night in compliance with the specific systems approved by current health and safety regulations.

We are a team of engineers and technicians, with 20 years of experience in the sector, experts in pharmaceutical engineering, HVAC, process fluids, cleanroom architecture, compliance and GMP, who make the quality of your project our priority.

We design solutions to install, qualify and maintain your production facilities.

We work in the pharmaceutical, API’s, biotechnology, veterinary, cosmetic and health sectors, deploying innovative applications that enable our clients to manufacture safer, higher quality products, in compliance with to the latest requirements in terms of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and standards, and the environment.

At Venfilter we have been taking care of air filtration for many different sectors for more than 25 years. The experience in Health, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Optical, Veterinary, Chemical, Microelectronic, Agri-food, and in large spaces such as Airports, Museums or Shopping Centers, has allowed us to meet the demanding needs in terms of filtration and air treatment, for people’s protection, processes and environment.

Most of the population spends 90% of their time in interior spaces, often contaminated by that invisible enemy that is air, full of particles and pollutants harmful to health. Not only at home, but also in offices, schools, cafes, shopping malls, restaurants … Therefore, having clean air is crucial for the health of the population.

Indoor Air Quality is essential for human beings to breathe, in any situation, the healthy air that we all deserve.

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